Life Groups

We believe that the “Church” is not a building or a Sunday meeting. As followers of Jesus, we are the Church of Christ and He urges us to meet together regularly. We encourage everyone to gather together in Life Groups as it is a vital way to care for and help each other grow in our faith and knowledge. It is where we do life together.

If you dont belong to a Life Group yet, check out these Life Groups that meet around our city.

If you would like to visit, host or lead a Life Group, then get in touch!

  • Ruben & Liezel Sunnyridge
  • Johan & Mella Edenvale Avenues
  • Monika Marlands
  • Trevlyn Lyndhurst
  • Ruben & Aimee Kempton Park
  • Oswin Linbro Park
  • Itai Andrea & Carol Buccleuch
  • Del Eastleigh
  • Andrew & Lara Kelvin

Serving Teams

Get involved with what we do to reach out, serve Jesus and each other!

To find out more or volunteer, Contact Us

Children’s Ministry Team

We provide a safe and welcoming space for children from 1-13 years where they can get to know Jesus better while having fun.

This is for you if you love working with children, can engage with them on their level and desire to see them grow in their love for Jesus.

You will be expected to prepare fun and engaging classes beforehand, to arrive and set up at 8:30AM and sign kids in from 8:45AM. A typical morning will consist of you being involved in some or all of these activities; worship, prayer, Bible story, activity, snacks and play time. After the service you will be required to help tidy up and make sure children are signed out.

You must be willing to have a background check prior to starting and to do training at least once a year.

Hospitality Team

We encourage everyone at Love Reaching Communities Church to remember that we all play a part in hosting at all our meetings and it is important to be mindful of newcomers and how they may feel coming into our facilities for the first time. Let’s make them feel at home and welcomed.

Our Hospitality Teams focus on specific areas where help is needed, which are:

You will be expected to start at 8:30AM with welcoming new visitors at the front door, showing them how to get around our facilities and where to sign their children in.

Make sure you have visitors’ packs and hand them out during Sunday morning announcements. Set up cakes, tea and coffee in the visitors’ lounge and be prepared after the service to serve and make the visitors feel at home.

You will need to brief the team leader afterward and hand in visitors’ forms for follow-up purposes.

Members are required to have a passion for and demonstrate hospitality in their own lives and to be available to meet every quarter to touch base.

Grounded Café Teams


If you appreciate the art of a well-made cup of coffee and enjoy serving others, then this may be the right fit for you.

Usually two or three members work together to make the drinks that are ordered off the menu, which include cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, hot chocolates, among others. You will be required to set up at 8AM and begin making orders from 8:30AM to 9:20AM. After the service, drinks will be sold from about 11:00 to 11:30AM and you will be expected to tidy up afterward.

There will be training twice a year, which you will need to attend.


If you have a friendly smile and love making people feel welcome, then this may be the right team for you!

Usually two members work together by setting up, taking orders, facilitating payments, communicating orders to baristas and tidying up afterward. You will be required to start at 8:15AM to set up. Snacks and drink orders will begin from 8:30AM to 9:20AM. After the service drinks and snacks will be sold from about 11:00 to 11:30AM and then you will be expected to tidy away.

Training will be provided for operating the cash register, speed point and Zapper and attendance to team meetings will be expected twice a year.

Music Team

Worshipping God through music is an essential part of our faith and there is unity and power in doing it corporately.

Members serve once every three weeks by attending practice on a Thursday from 7PM to 9PM and a rehearsal on Sunday from 7AM, in preparation to play in the service at 9:30AM. There is an expectation foryou to attend training twice a year and to be committed to growing in your personal walk with God, as well as in your skill.

If you feel called, and have the ability to serve through musical worship, then get in touch!

Production Team

Technology is a tool that helps us to communicate effectively and ensure we can project graphics and sound that can be seen and heard by a large number of people at once. It sounds easy but it can get tricky so we need dedicated members to be part of our team who pay attention to detail and enjoy learning.

AV Tech:

It involves ensuring all necessary graphics, announcement and sermon slides and song lyrics are ready before the service. You will also handle the recording of the sermon and work with the Sound Tech to play pre and post service background music.

Members are usually required to serve every fourth week both during on Sunday morning from 8AM (to prepare before service) to 11AM (when the service ends).

You will be trained before you start and have supervision during services in case you need assistance.

Sound Tech:

It involves testing equipment, doing sound checks with the band and operating the system throughout the entire service. It also includes working with AV Tech to play pre and post service background music.

Members are usually required to serve every fourth week both during the music practice on a Thursday night from 7PM to 9PM and on Sunday morning from 7AM (when music team practices again)to 11AM (when the service ends).

When starting out, you will be paired up with someone on the team who will teach and guide you until you feel confident to go on your own.


As Love Reaching Communities Church, we believe in reaching out to everyone around us and showing them the love of Jesus Christ. We want to make Jesus known to our families, friends, colleagues, neighbours and anyone who we meet!

We also believe in taking our light as a community to share with others in the places where God opens doors for us, whether they be in Johannesburg, other towns, cities or even countries!

Schools Outreach:

Give a little of your time to share your faith and join our group of volunteers who work into High Schools around the city! It happens on week days and the programme lasts 1 hour.

Local Outreach:

Join us every second week as we go and pray for the sick in hospitals or for people living in the streets.

International Outreach:

Get way out of your comfort zone! Join the team on the next international trip and we guarantee you won’t come back the same.

CCX Projects

CCX (Community ConneXions)is run by a group of people who are passionate about seeing lives and communities transformed by serving individuals holistically to become self-sustainable and community-minded.

It operates as a Section 18 Non-Profit Organisation and issues tax certificates to those who make donations toward its projects.Some people donate but don’t want to claim the tax back, however, it can be seen as an opportunity to keep on giving (the tax you are refunded can be donated again).

To know more about what CCX does, visit


Love Reaching Communities Church partners with CCX on many of its projects, its biggest being Malukhanye.

Get involved with this community upliftment programme for the less fortunate! Malukhanye is run on Wednesdays from 9AM to 1PM at our facilities, where we provide food parcels and other basic needs, share the Gospel and teach skills for generating income.

One of these self-help projects is called Heartefacts and consists of knitted baby items which are sold online and in baby stores.

To follow our progress with Heartefacts, visit our webpage: and like our Facebook page.


On the first Saturday of each month from 9AM to 12PM, we get together to study the books of the Bible and to discuss all matters pertaining to God and Godly living.


We believe in the importance of deepening our relationship with God and aligning our hearts with Him through prayer, both individually and as a community.

Pre-service prayer meeting:

Join us as we pray before the service every Sunday morning from 8:45AM to 9:15AM in The Café.

Monthly corporate prayer meeting:

Make sure you don’t miss out on our Corporate Prayer & Teaching time which happens on the third Tuesday of each month from 6:30PM to 9PM. We start off with supper, then have a time of prayer, followed by teaching.

The Uprising Youth

In this day and age it is so important to build a solid foundation in our children’s lives so that they can stand strong as they go through the ups and downs of everyday life. At The Uprising Youth we believe that knowing Jesus and who He made us to be will do just that.

If you are between the ages of 13-19 years then come and hang out with us. We like to talk about the truth and encourage one another to be BOLD. We love having FUN together!

We meet on Friday nights (during school terms) from 6:30PM to 9:00PM.

Like our Facebook page!


If you are a mother of children of any age and are free on a Tuesday from 9:30AM to 11:30AM, you are welcome to join us.


On the third Saturday of each month from 2:30PM to 4PM, all ladies are invited to get together to enjoy good conversation over some tea and cake. In every meeting there is a relevant teaching and/or discussion.